Rental Conditions


The following business and lease terms apply to the tenant and Axelgaard Feriehuse

(Hereinafter called AF) to the extent that they are not derogated by a clearly written agreement between the parties.

§ 1, The offer and agreement

1.1 The lease contract confirms an agreement between the tenant and the owner with AF as a facilitator.

1.2 A contract is binding and includes a holiday property with all furniture, accessories as well as the land mentioned in the written description of the property.

1.3 AF lease out all the described holiday properties, and all related information has been given to the best of their knowledge and conviction.

1.4 The rented accommodation cannot, without special, prior agreement, be inhabited by more persons than the standard number of people. Tents, caravans or similar items are not allowed.

1.5 If pets are brought along, the number must not exceed the number permitted in the description.

§ 2 Price

2.1 The prices listed on the Internet is, as a rule, always excl. miscellaneous consumer goods. This can

vary from house to house and destination.

2.2From AFs side, prices may be subject to tax changes and significant changes in the price of electricity and oil.

2.3 The listed prices are always incl. VAT.

§ 3. Payment, cancellation and change

3.1 A signed lease is confirmed by AF sending a lease contract to the tenant

3.2 1st installment, equal to 25% of the total amount, is due 5 days after the conclusion of the agreement. The balance, 2nd installment, is due 42 days prior to the start of the rental period.

3.3 When ordering later than 42 days before the start of the rental period, the full amount is due and payable 5 days after the conclusion of the lease agreement, but not later than the day of the key delivery.

3.4 Paying the first installment, the tenant declares that he recognizes and agrees to the present rental conditions, prices and rental period.

3.5 In case of the payment of first and second installment is not on time, AF can cancel the rental agreement.

§ 4 Deposit

4.1 AF can at any time charge a deposit. This deposit will be charged within the second installment or by the key delivery, and serves as a guarantee that the rented property is handed over without any damages and in a properly cleaned condition.

4.2 The deposit will be returned within 2 weeks after departure, when a satisfactory inspection of the property has been made. Consumption of electricity, heating, water, extra furniture, etc. will be deducted from the deposit.

§ 5 Cancellation and withdrawal

5.1 Pre-paid amounts are not refundable on cancelation.

It is recommended to make a cancellation insurance when making a reservation.

It is possible to make a cancellation insurance by e.g.:

European Travel Insurance A / S

Frederiksberg Alle 3

DK-1790 Copenhagen V

§ 6 Tenant responsibilities

The tenant is obliged to treat the holiday property and everything included in a proper way, as the tenant is liable for any damages he/she or any of the accompanying guests may cause.

6.2 The tenant is responsible for the property and all its furniture and is, before departure, obliged to report to AF about any damages occurred during the stay. The tenant must replace all damages prior to departure, or an agreement about paying back must be made. If additional damages or defects are found after the departure, and these have not been reported to the AF, they will be invoiced to the tenant.

6.3 Unless otherwise stated, the tenant is responsible for leaving the apartment in a clean and tidy condition. In cases where the tenant pays for departure cleaning, the tenant, before departure, is obliged to tidy up, do the dishes, empty the refrigerator, freezer and trash-bin. Departure cleaning must be booked in reasonable time before departure.

6.4 It is the tenant’s responsibility that neither he/she, nor any of the accompanying guests are a nuisance to the surroundings and potential neighbors. If any of the properties inhabitants behave grossly negligent, or deliberately causes any kind of trouble, AF reserves the right to terminate the tenancy, without notice and with immediate effect. In such case AF will not be obliged to repay either all, nor parts of the

rental amount.

§ 7 Owners responsibilities

7.1 AF acts as an intermediary and is therefore responsible for the dissemination of the rental agreement between the tenant and the owner.

7.2 AF's information about the holiday properties is based on a visual examination on the spot, and information from the owner. AF strives to provide accurate and objective information, but cannot be held liable for changes made just before the lease period starts, if not informed about it.

7.3 In case of a breach of contract from the owner, clerical errors, misleading or wrong information or similar errors, AF reserves the right either to return the prepaid rental amount, or to replace the rented property with a similar property. Should the latter property be cheaper than the originally leased, the price difference will be refunded to the tenant.

7.4 AF assumes no responsibility for any changes that are not connected to the holiday property (e.g.

Swimming conditions, fishing rights, closure of traffic routes and shops, etc., road and construction work,

environmental damages, etc.), furthermore, AF cannot assume responsibility for a lower quality of the stay when this is due to climatic conditions or local rules and regulations (e.g. bathing regulations, water shortages, etc.).

7.5 AF assumes no liability in case of failure or breakage of the installations in the property, blockage of drains and sewers as well as any presence of insects and pests.

7.6 In connection to this agreement AF did not sign any insurance to cover possible personal injury or damage that may occur to the tenant or his accompanying guests during the lease period.

§ 8 Complaints

8.1 Defects at the property must be notified to AF within 48 hours after arrival. Otherwise the tenant may be accounted liable for this, see § 6.2. Complaints regarding inadequate cleaning should be notified to AF immediately after arrival. You can not expect, barbecue and garden furniture is cleaned on arrival.

8.2 The tenant is obliged to admit AF a reasonable time to repair any defects. At the same time, tenants must contribute to minimizing the damages and any loss to AF.

8.3 If the repair is not satisfactory, this must immediately be informed to AF.


§ 9 Force majeure

9.1 The tenancy may be terminated without notice by AF by the event of force majeure (war, strike,

epidemics, natural disasters. etc.), or other circumstances out of AF's control.

§ 10 Disputes

10.1 Any interpretation of the present lease agreement must be settled by a Court House located in the same area as the rented property. Danish law shall apply.

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