Gertrud Og Olefrank

About us

Axelgaard Holiday is a small alternative rental agency that provides rental of large and small holiday homes in areas Henne Strand, Ho, Blåvand, Houstrup and Bork Harbor.

Axelgaard Holiday differs from the traditional rental agencies by administrating rental, various marketing, preparation of leases, collecting rent, payment of electricity, contact to the tenants during their stay, etc.

Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of the houses during the tenants stay, including check of houses when tenants change, technical problems in homes during the rental period should it occur.

Keys a shifted in the key box. All the houses are equipped with a key box. The code to open the box is sent to the client as soon as payment has been made. The tenants do not have to pick up a key some where and can drive directly to the house.

A simple concept, which means that Axelgaard Holiday Homes can rent homes at competitive prices. We charge a commission in connection with the rental of your holiday home of 15-20% depending on the size of your house.

Axelgaard Holiday Homes

Axelgaard Holiday Homes offers rental of cottages, on the west coast of Denmark in the areas of Henne Strand, Ho Blåvand and Bork.

We also offer Bed & Bath nights and rental of large Holiday Homes for up to 50 people.

Bring your family to a Axelgaard Holiday Homes in West Jutland and experience the fantastic nature, the beautiful dunes and beaches.

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Axelgaard Feriehuse
V/ Gertrud & Ole Frank Jessen
Rottarpvej 40
6855 Outrup
Tlf. +45 8824 4840